christmas bathroom towels

To really enjoy the Christmas holidays, you’ll obviously want to decorate your space so as to get that holiday spirit. Most families decorate the popular rooms in their homes such as the living room and even go to the extent of decking the walls. However, the bathroom remains neglected and overlooked. You can change this tradition and fill every room in your house with the Christmas glamor. Here is an article, extolling cheap ideas for Christmas bathroom decor, that can help you take your decoration to a whole new level.

Holiday Pictures

Every living space in your house requires a focal point. Though the bathroom may offer a small wall space, you can add a picture to add some Christmas flair in this vital space. The pictures you hang on your bathroom wall should depict the theme of the Christmas holidays. Pictures of snowmen or a reindeer are some of the best examples.

Towels and Washcloths

If you want to easily achieve a simple but classic Christmas bathroom decor, you can dedicate a small portion of your budget to purchasing washcloths and towels. You can easily find an entire Christmas-themed bathroom set, complete with coordinating towels and washcloths. Many bathroom sets have cartoonish figures but you can avail stylish designs of Santa Claus or snowmen. These bathroom accessories, regardless of whether they are being used or not, can easily induce the spirit of Christmas into your bathroom decor.

Floor Rugs

Roll up the normal bath mats and lay some new Christmas-inspired rugs. For this type of decoration, add thick and plush greens or whichever color wears well with your decor but avoid dull colors. Bathroom walls painted with bold paint require burgundy rugs with Christmas inscriptions that will flatter the bathroom colors during the holiday. Nice, thick and soft rugs will keep your toes warm every time you visit the bathroom.


You can also use different light fixtures for your Christmas bathroom decorating project. Task lighting is a delightful idea of highlighting your strategically placed picture. You can also use candles to bring that peaceful feeling, common during the Christmas holidays. However, not every candle is appropriate for this kind of decoration. Use Christmas-scented candles like festive evergreen. You should also purchase a few Christmas-inspired candle sconces to hold the candles in place.

Christmas Accessories

Clear the everyday accessories and replace them with Christmas themed ones. Things like toothbrush, soap dish, toilet cover and a Christmas scented air freshener is another great idea of keeping that Christmas motif in your living space. Don’t forget the toilet paper holder and instead of the normal one, use a reindeer tissue paper holder. In addition to that, get a bowl of Christmas potpourri to combat the common bathroom smell.

All these items are just but a small part of the numerous items that you can use to brighten your bathroom during the Christmas holidays. Nevertheless, in Christmas bathroom decorating, keep it simple. Don’t overdo the decoration as it will make your bathroom seem busy and cluttered. Employ a little creativity while using a few of the aforementioned accessories and you can successively enhance your bathroom this Christmas.