holiday ornaments

Each holiday season households around the world open up boxes of old Christmas ornaments. As each ornament is taken out special memories come to mind. These boxes of Christmas ornaments that are often stored in the basement or attic are like treasure chests. You can see the history of the family in each one that is taken out to be carefully hung on the tree.

One of the first Christmas ornaments that many people buy is the one that symbolizes a couple’s first Christmas together in their own home. These are followed by ones representing each child and even pets brought into the home. Each year photo ornaments are added that show the children as they grow.

A close look at the decorations will alert you to the hobbies that the family has engaged in. Ballet, football and fishing may all be represented. There may also be several left over from times when Mom decided to go with a theme tree. Perhaps it was all purple and silver balls, or teddy bears.

Of course the theme trees do not usually last for more than one or two years. The family almost always misses dragging out the old boxes of Christmas ornaments; the ones that mean so much to everyone. While it is nice to add new decorations each year, none can take the place of the old. That is because they have meaning. Some of those Christmas ornaments may represent those who are no longer here. However, they can still be part of your Christmas as you hang their special ornaments year after year.

Sometimes Christmas ornaments will make you ache for a time in the past. As you touch them you can almost feel the happiness and joy that past holidays brought. Even though you may ache for the past, you would not want to trade those memories or the chance to relive them each year as you hand one decoration after another on the tree.

No matter how many bright, shiny new decorations you buy, the old ones hold the most appeal. Choose each new decoration with care. What you choose today, will be what your children and grandchildren will treasure in the future. It seems that almost everyone strives to find decorations just as perfect as the ones that their own mother or grandmother had. No matter how beautiful the ones that they are buying are, they never quite measure up. That is because there are no special memories attached yet. However, there will be and your own children will look upon these and cherish these, as you cherish those belonging to your own mother.

When it comes to Christmas ornaments, go wild. Buy more than you think you need. Decorate every corner of your home. This is the time of year when excess is not only acceptable but preferable. Make as many joyous memories as you possibly can. The Christmas season is magical. Not because of the presents under the tree, but because of the love, memories and history that is placed on the tree.