holiday ornaments

Holiday ornaments are essential to have on your Christmas tree. Without them you would have an empty tree that didn’t have much character to it! There are a lot of beautiful ornaments you can buy, but do you really want to spend all your holiday money on these? Instead of spending a lot, grab a few cheap supplies and make them on your own. There are a lot of unique projects you can do at home that will result in beautiful looking ornaments.

Glitter Holiday Ornaments

These are among the best for any glitter lover and they are really easy to make. The supplies you need include:

  • Holiday colors of glitter (dollar stores have these)
  • Clear ornaments

There are two different ways you can make these depending on how much glitter you have to use. The first way is to simply fill the clear ornament with your choice of glitter. This is going to use the most of your glitter, so only do this if you have a lot to spare.

The other option is to cover your ornament in Mod Podge (can be found at craft stores) and then sprinkle glitter over it. This won’t use that much glitter and it turns out looking really great! After the first layer of glitter has dried, put one more coat of Mod Podge over it to seal everything in. After these are done you can hang your fun Christmas crafts proudly on your tree.

Fabric Ornaments

If you don’t want to use glitter for all of your holiday ornaments, consider using some fun holiday fabrics. You can easily find these at craft stores and most are really cheap. The total list of what you need includes:

  • Holiday fabrics
  • Red, white and green ribbon
  • Ornaments (anything cheap)

Start off by cutting the fabric so that it can fit over the ornament with extra left to spare. You should leave a little bit of fabric on the top where you can tie it off. Use your ribbon to make a nice looking bow and you will be finished! You can use different colors of ribbon with different fabrics to make a really nice looking ornament that can hang on your tree for years to come.

Button Ornaments

Do you have a lot of buttons sitting around your house that you won’t ever use? Instead of leaving them in a drawer, glue them to an ornament! Use holiday colors or simply put a mix of different buttons that you have. If you really want to make these shine, add some glitter to the front of the buttons. Tie a bow at the top to finish these off and you will have something that can be used at your home or given as a gift.

Scrabble Inspired Ornaments

In order to make these you just need:

  • Old Scrabble letters
  • Glue
  • Ribbon

First pick out the letters for the words you want to spell on these holiday ornaments. Once you have these ready, put some glue on the bottoms of the letters so they can stick together horizontally. Allow these to dry and then put ribbon on the top before hanging.